2008 June 18

     Darwinian Lifeguard Needed: It seems there are so many idiots in positions of influence that maybe somebody can identify these morons, blow a whistle, and shout, "You! Out of the gene pool."

     The anti-choice people assume the alternative is pro-life. Maybe giving the government control over whose pregnancy to continue means giving the government control of which pregnancies to terminate. Eugenics wasn't a pretty idea back then, it isn't a good idea now, but it sure is nice to imagine a world without the idiots in charge. Whatever rhetoric we may be hearing, I don't think any candidate running for U.S. president is going to change abortion law.

     I don't think drugs are going to be legalized either, no matter who wins. I don't think we're going to have a draft into the military, I don't see removal of income taxes or corporate taxes, I don't see the U.S. changing its relationship with the United Nations, and I don't see tort-law being fixed so medical costs of accidents (automobile or other) are first-party rather than third-party costs in legal action. (I believe the last is needed to fix our runaway insurance situation in this country.) However urgent these issues are, they're not at risk in 2008 November.

     Do you see any chance of either U.S. presidential candidate doing anything about the every growing traffic jams forming artery infarctions on our major highways? Do you see either of them closing the loophole that allows large, view-obstructing vehicles driven by non-commercial drivers on crowded roads? I don't see it either.

     I do see a risk of over-bloated government becoming even bigger with increasing activity in health care, social policy, and income distribution. I see government racial policy being more and more divisive for U.S. society. There may be metastasis into other areas of government control, evils we have not thought of yet. Each of these increases in government reduces our privacy and our freedom in the United States. Each of these increases further impairs our country's ability to manufacture things and to provide services. I see eco-scare groups continuing to erode our dignity in their quest for global power. We're panicking over the ozone layer (which means no more CFC-based albuterol inhalers, for example) and global warming (where computers are catching up with aviation in CO2 emissions).

     I think we Americans should be worrying about our ability to educate our own people and to make our own stuff. I think we should be worrying about keeping federal, state, and local government out of the way. That's what we should be thinking about in 2008 November.

     But let's be realistic. Is there anybody voting in 2008 November who hasn't already decided which candidate he or she is voting for? And if there are still undecided voters out there, is five months of the news media hocking us to death about the campaign going to help any of those people make wise, well-thought-out decisions? Do we need all this election fanfare?

     We need a gag order for the American press: No more election coverage until 2008 November! Let us make our own decisions whom to vote for.



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