Fifty-two Percent
2010 August 30

     In 2008 November fifty-two percent of America decided to use their majority-moocher status to vote themselves whatever they wanted to take from the minority-productive forty-eight percent. It looks bad in those terms, so our news and entertainment media present it as "stimulating the economy" or "helping the poor" or "making a transition to a green economy." Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding on what to have for dinner. Stripped of euphemism, it's Group A moochers 52% voting to dispose of Group B producers 48% as they see fit, our wealth and, more recently, our bodies.

     The leadership of the Group B 48% say they want to turn the majority around. Let's say they're really lucky and strong and successful and convince ten percent of Group A that we would be better off with a productive, prosperous, proud America. If Group B did that, we would have productive Group B with 53% and mooching Group A with 47% in our political process.

     So what happens now? Do we expect the 47% Group A moochers to sit by? The will spend their entire effort finding ways to take their living from the 53% Group B producers. If they can't legislate their living off Group B's backs, then they'll steal it. They feel entitled to having others pay their way after years of social welfare. It's better than what we have now, but is that the kind of society we want to live in?

     We Group B productive people really need to be someplace the Group A moochers are not. We need a separation, we need a divorce between these two groups. The only long-term solution is the one deployed in 1789, starting over somewhere else somehow.


     If you're not going to read Atlas Shrugged then you should watch this half-hour piece of pro-America propaganda on YouTube. It points out more eloquently than I can how democracy is no more useful a form of government than chaotic anarchy or dictatorship. A republic with rules is what America is about, or what it was about when things were going well here.

     The current liberal community emphasizes with alacrity how they got 52% of the vote in 2008, so they have the will of the majority, never mind the rules we're supposed to live by. Majority rules, right?

     Actually, not at all. We came here agreeing to follow certain rules and to respect certain rights of other people, never mind the majority whim of the moment. Let's be realistic: there are truly awful things that would easily pass a majority-rule test ranging from nasty, targeted taxes to ethnic purges. Sure that could happen in Europe or Asia but never here, right? What do you think the majority of our citizens felt about putting Japanese-Americans in concentration camps? We have a constitution precisely to prevent that kind of thing.




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