2016 November 4, Friday

     Let me make an appeal for Trump or Johnson, take your pick. I'm a smart, mathematical, logical person who has given this election and its issues a great deal of thought. Most Facebook memes on the subject are bullshit and the facts clearly point far away from any Clintons in power.

     Decide if you are comfortable supporting the Democrat program. The Democrats have had a sordid history starting with slavery. They have a terrible record on racism, tyranny, anti-semitism, economics, and pseudo-science from 1854 through the present. Maybe they meant well, maybe not, but it didn't turn out well. Their morality has been the expediency of the moment. If you didn't know this about the history, then learn it.

     Decide if you are comfortable with the Clinton corruption. We thought the Obamas taking $300,000 in a no-show job was bad. The Clintons somehow got to $200 MILLION with no product, no business, nothing but speaking fees and whatever state-favor bribes they got. That's a lot worse than losing some emails or even getting embassy soldiers killed in Benghazi. If you didn't know this about these events, then learn them.

     Decide if you are comfortable with the Clintons as people. They treated the White House staff shabbily and make off with $200,000 in furniture and dishes when they left. They lie with an ease that would make Richard Nixon blush.

     Donald Trump has run business legally and spoken boldly. He's not my favorite pick, by a longshot, but he has managed a public profile for his private business for decades and he has made a successful name for himself. Teddy Roosevelt was similarly brash and it turned out okay.

     Vote for Gary Johnson on principle or Donald Trump for the practical reasons of keeping Clintons out of power.




If you want more of this kind of material then here are my American-issues essays.

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