2008 October 28

     There is a right wing conspiracy in the United States of America. The conspirators have been identified because they signed their names.

     The conspirators signed their names on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

     Read these documents carefully and be proud that you're part of the human race that could produce this much wisdom in so few words. Then ask yourself which presidential candidate is closer to those values.


     One candidate makes you feel good. The news and entertainment media have worked very hard to make American voters feel good about him. He'll make a mess of foreign policy and we have to hope he'll pay attention to his vice president, but without experience he's not likely to do that. He'll make a mess of our economy like Lyndon Baines Johnson and James Earl Carter. We'll have 15% inflation to pay for all his programs, that's a fifteen percent per year hidden tax on any savings you may have, maybe even more. What kind of message does that send to people who have saved for their retirement or for college tuition for their children? His decisions on terrorism and torture will be expedient and inexperienced. As trite as it sounds, his close and continued associations should raise red flags. I also believe he and his wife carry racial chips on their shoulders at a time when America needs racial cooperation rather than confrontation. We should be afraid of him rather than comfortable with him.

     The other candidate made some mistakes. He chose a running mate almost as weak in experience as his opponent. (If it were Palin vs. Obama, then it would be a tougher choice. Think about it.) His character advertisements made him look uglier than his opponent. His health care proposal is the first to separate employment from tax relief for medical insurance, a giant liberating step for America's labor force. It's the best idea I've heard from either candidate. He was a soldier and a prisoner of war and was able to maintain his character and dignity through some very undignifying circumstances. When the next presidential crisis comes, who should be at the helm?

     Many supporters of the tall, good-looking, dark-and-handsome guy point out the campaign mistakes of his rival as a reason not to vote for his rival. If the better candidate didn't run a better campaign, then he needs our help and our votes.

     Please, put aside the small stuff, think of the big picture over the longer haul, and support John McCain for president in 2008.



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