2022 January 24, Tuesday
Mark Parisi

     I've had a few observations and discussions regarding the lefts quickness, eagerness and desire to target anyone on the right of the political spectrum with labels to malign, denigrate and ultimately cancel them by calling them or equating them to Hitler, NAZI's, Mussolini, white Supremest, KKK members, etc. Their latest label being used to relegate those on the right to the politically and morally corrupt garbage pile of history is Alt Right (or Insurrectionist). I once would have been considered myself on the left of the political spectrum in my thoughts and ideas. That was way before I had any real interest or followed politics. In fact, I would have been most likely self described myself as apolitical or center left. I'm not sure when I exactly I started paying attention to politics because I literally had zero interest in politics for most of my youth. In reflection, I probably started paying some attention during the Carter years, When gas prices were soaring, inflation was rising and foreign policy disasters were occurring. I do recall a friend in elementary school being extremely Political, (he was a self described/proud communist), and thinking and saying to myself, "I have no interest in that stuff, I wonder why he does?" And thinking, Communist? Isn't that the thing we all are against? I was certainly aware of the world political turmoil and tension. The U.S. was firmly a country United, both R's and D's in fighting against the spread and evils that communism had wrought in the world. We knew about the 10's of millions of people killed in China and other communist uprisings. I believe the number of souls destroyed in the past 8-100 years is well north of 100 million. We saw on the news how people in these Communist countries suffered under widespread economic hardship and a lack of freedom. It was so bad that we saw families desperately trying flee these countries. People climbing over or tunneling under the Berlin Wall to escape to the west. We'd see the pictures and hear the stories of people being beaten, imprisoned and murdered while trying to breach the wall and gain their freedom. We also saw the pictures and videos of people with their families traveling on makeshift floating devices, risking their lives to cross 60 miles of ocean to reach the shores of a free country, the U.S.A. Many surviving it and then welcomed by this country and others not so lucky. We all knew the failures and evils of Communism, a leftist ideology. We also all knew the pathway or slippery slope that lead to Socialism and Communism. Attached is the basic framework to achieve Socialism as detailed by Saul Alinsky.

     With some of our current political figures publicly supporting this man and ideology. There was no debate among people on the right, Republicans, or on the left, Democrats. They were all United in not wanting to be a Socialist or Communist Country. We all knew that the U.S. was the beacon of Freedom and that the founders of our Political System, a Constitutional Republic, was the greatest political experiment in the history of mankind. It was founded on God given rights of every person on earth, regardless of race, country of origin, or economic status (born with or achieved). Everyone is meant to be free and the Government exist solely to protect the freedoms, detailed in the Constitution, of the people. The government works for the people. The people do not work for the Government. The founders, with much insight and intelligence, avoided creating a Democracy. We hear that word thrown around a lot lately. This person, that event, etc.. is a danger to our Democracy! The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The founders knew based on History that a true Democracy was one of Mob Rule where the minority would be trampled by the majority then proceeded to purposely avoid creating a true Democracy. And by Trampled, I mean segregated and divided from the majority. So that the minority would be Treated differently/poorly and have their individual rights taken away easily by the mob.

     The country was United that the U.S. Constitution was the foundation on which the country would survive under. Any attempt to undermine it, radically change it or dissolve it, would be devastating for its citizens and the world. They created well thought out checks and balances to make sure a Mob Rule mentality would not be able to rise up and destroy the Constitution or the people's es rights as set forth in it. There were specific rules set up in order to make changes to it, without which, for example, the abolition of slavery would not have been achieved.

     So, there are and were many countries that have experimented with and implemented Socialism and Communism. Communism being the next logical step on the political spectrum from Socialism. We know the history, Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea, China etc........and current events, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Cuba. We know where they all lead; To a lack of freedom, political violence/death, economic misery and collapse. The Government is GOD and the people work for the Godverment. The product/political system being sold is one of the people that rallies the people to rise up to defeat the Tyrant and the powerful people's control over their lives. The Government, they promise, will make everyone equal and free. However, the complete opposite occurs. The people's freedoms are stripped from them and the Political administrators, Elite, Bureaucrats, whateverver you want to call them, "make rules for thee but not for me". It's like clockwork....... Totally predictable. That's precisely why we need to learn from history in order not to repeat it.

     Of course, the people that were not supporters of our Constitutional Republic back in the 40's-60's and were politically Socialist or Communist, hid in the shadows and were mostly silent. They knew they were not welcomed and would be ostracized. However, they were still there. We'd be naive to think there are not extremist on either end of the Political Spectrum. Any extreme is not healthy and a threat to our Constitutional Republic. Wow, How things have changed. Now, people openly and freely wave their Socialist and Marxist beliefs in the U.S., completely ignoring the historical horrors of their ideas. Let me make it clear. They have the right to their beliefs and ideas and the right to present and debate their ideas freely in this country. Not so much in other counties like the ones they want to emulate. As a Conservative, U.S. Constitution loving Patriot, I'll stand up and defend their right to do so. That doesn't mean we should stand by allow them to implement their proven to be Systemically Stupid ideology.

     I was recently told that Hitler was not Socialist, despite him leading the National Socialist German Workers Party. It's literally in his politically created name. Based on that logic, I guess the CCP, Communist Chinese Party is really not Communist or that Stalin, the General Secretary of the Communist Party in Russia was not really a Communist. How about here at home, there are now many prominent politicians and a whole political movement/group called the Democrat Socialist Party. I can only surmise that if one puts the word Democrat in front of Socialist, it'll be easier to accept or implement? That it will be sweeter to the taste. An obvious left wing strategy/ rosy label to hide their true agenda.

     It more than appears to me that those on the left are quick to label Conservative's as far right extremest, NAZI's etc. As noted earlier. I have a significant problem with that based on two fronts. First, for most of my life, Democrats and Republicans were all U.S. Constitution loving Patriots. Both fought side by side in several wars to protect the freedoms that our founders fought for and achieved. The Second is that NAZI literally means the National Socialist Party. It was pointed out to me that Hitler was not a Socialist. Therefore, as painted by the left, he was a Far Right Wing Extremist Kook that killed millions of people and wanted to take over the world. The logical conclusion then is that if you can be labeled a Right Wing Extremist, anyone on the right, then you can be equated to Hitler, Mussolini or any other Murderous Tyrant In history. Then of course, it would justified for those on the left, to target you for political or personal destruction. The Problem the left has with that twisted logic is that actions speak louder than words. They say, Just ignore that they named themselves National Socialist German Workers Party. They really didn't mean that. They weren't Socialist. In my opinion that is because then the mirror may be turned back on them. What did Hitler do that would be considered on the U.S. "far" right or to have been Conservative side of the political spectrum? Let's take a walk through the implementation of his evil right wing ideology. Maybe a compare and contrast as we go through this:

     #1. He took away the people's guns and weapons so that they could not defend themselves under the rational that he wanted to protect the children. Not exactly a Conservative idea. How did that work out for the Jews and people in Germany. The U.S. would not be the U.S. today if not for the citizens having guns to defend themselves against the British. One of my friends on the left pointed out that the U.S. citizens having guns would not have a chance against the Government's current military power. That was also probably said in 1775. I'd have to say and point out in current events.........say that to the Taliban; were/are Third world cave dwellers that went up and defeated arguably,the two most powerful military countries in the world; the USSR and the U.S.A. Or, more importantly in our history, the Colonials defeating the British, one of the most powerful military in the world at that time. A socialist wants to be the only one with the gun. That way, he can implement Government control and Government programs over everyone with a gun to their head.

     #2. He took over the Media and turned it into his own Political weapon to stir up and brain wash the mob. He spread lies through the media to destroy his political opponents and to place the blame of all of the countries problems on a minority portion of their Society, the Jews. Everything was the Jews fault so, anything we do to eliminate the ones causing our problems is justified. The ends justify the means mentality spread like wild fire. Normal, rational people, turned on their neighbors, work mates, friends, and even fellow Jews (in very rare cases), to join the mob and be part of the team. To any rational/informed observer, the U.S. media is not controlled by the right. We know it is controlled by the left. They'll be quick to point out the one right leaning Fox, as the spreader of disinformation and radical right wing propaganda/ Conspiracy Theories but ignore their own biased sources. For the record, I do not watch Fox News except for an occasional YouTube clip. I also no longer, but once did, watch CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC. They are all pushers of propaganda and lies, including Fox. They'll sprinkle it with enough truth to try and remain relevant and try to appear non-partisan and credible but it's easy to see through that. CNN has lost 90% of it's ratings in the first part of 2022 versus 2021 for a reason. In my opinion it is because people have seen through their lies and propaganda. In conclusion, the media is not controlled by the "radical" right or anyone considered to be considered Conservative. In fact, if one hasn't kept their heads stuck in a hole in the ground, there is a great deal of censoring of alternative news outlets and ideas that the left controlled media deems mis information. The media is losing their power to control the narrative against alternative news outlets. There are many examples that have occurred or are occurring now of blatant censorship. Not only in the main Steam Media but in the now largest segment of media; Social Media. Freedom of the press is the foundation of our Constitutional Republic and is obviously controlled by one side of the Political spectrum and taking control of the media is what every Socialist Dictator will do on day one. Labeling a previous President as a Tyrannical Dictator or a wannabe Dictator is not proven in actions or reality, except for Hitler, Castro, Jong-il, Chavez, Maduro, and other Left Wing/Socialist Dictators during the 20th Century. It's quite delusional and plain old fear mongering propaganda regurgitated over and over by people being told what to think.

     #3. He basically took over the entire industrial complex of the nation and used it exclusively for his personal and political power; to build up the military, to build Concentration Camps and the infrastructure needed to support that horror. Not exactly Conservative ideals. He controlled the entire economy of Germany and then eventually a few more countries for a short period of time. Conservatives or those on the right do not want the Government to control Industry. In fact, we want less Government involvement/control. And, we saw some of the economic benefits during the past four years with the reversing too many Government regulations. Only Socialist and Communist Countries want to control the means of production or extract the rewards from their own citizens personal economic endeavors. We see the recent benefits/disasters of that in Venezuela. A once rich, oil producing country. Their people trying to stay alive by eating their dogs and their money is worthless due to runaway inflation. Their only solution is to walk thousands of miles to the U.S. to escape their Socialist nightmare. Or, walk next door to Columbia, if they can get past their military.

     #4. He took over the healthcare system and proceeded to use it as a political weapon and cleanse Society of the undesirables (aka, the deplorable's ); the Jews, the disabled and the mentally ill. Anyone that did not improve in the Aryan race. He used it to do experiments on people against their will and desires....without their consent. Used it to experiment on and kill the mentally disabled and ill. Again, Conservatives are not for the Government taking over or running Healthcare. Having been in the healthcare industry, I've seen first hand, the poor administrative government care of veterans. Thankfully, It has gotten better during the past several years as someone promised to try and straighten it out. I know one doctor in the VA system charged with improving things there. She did such a great job in Upstate NY that they moved her to Memphis, Tn. to do the same there. Again, a Socialist would want the Government to control ones healthcare, not a Conservative or laughably, a "right wing Extremist".

     #5. He promised, before he received 95% of their vote, the Austrian people a job and a living wage. Sound familiar? Not a statement ever uttered by anyone but a Socialist. Conservatives want to creat an environment where jobs are created through ingenuity, creative juices and hard work. Not out of thin air by the Government.

     #6. He took control of the entire educational system and proceeded to use it to brain wash the children on his NAZI ideology. People in higher education had to, by force, contribute to his evil ideology. Thank God Einstein urged FDR to start the Manhattan Project here in the U.S. or we'd surely be living in a different world today.

     #7. He was not a supporter of Religion, Judaism or Christianity. He believed that all religion was "decadent". He , like Stalin, took a modern view of the incompatibility of religious and scientific explanation. Again, not a Conservative view or ideology. Most Socialist Dictators have attacked and have tried to eliminate Religion from Society. I can only surmise that they want total control of the people's minds and having people think for themselves is unacceptable and dangerous to them personally.

     #8. He had complete/sole control over the military, law enforcement and all Government agencies. He used all of these to destroy, terrorize and kill his own people. A Conservative or true Nationalist/U.S. Patriot, wants to help his people and country grow and prosper in a healthy, U.S. Constitutional Republic fashion. The People of Germany had every Government agency and their power, military, law enforcement, political, used against them for evil. Again, not what a Conservative wants but what Recent abuses from the FBI, the IRS and now OSHA can be cited but I'll not cover the details of them in this writing. Thankfully, the checks and balances in our Constitutional Republic have to some degree thwarted these abuses of Governmental power against U.S. citizens. Some take longer to be corrected in the system than others.....unfortunately... but hopefully not never.

     So, enough with all of the damaging labels. To equate Donald Trump or anyone that opted for him as some Radical Right/Hitler or Fascist is totally ignorant. Hitler was not at all on the right, especially on the U.S. version of the right! All of his actions are things that a Radical Left wing Socialist would do and has done. If we are truly to come together as a nation and stop the forces that want to divide us, we have to stand up and proclaim what road we want to travel down, the continuation of this Great Grand Experiment, two hundred and fifty years old, or go the way of a historical and documented left wing ideology that is a total disaster. We all either need to believe, as we once did, that our Grand Experiment, is the most successful political experiment in history or it isn't..... I believe it was and is. I believe it was Nikolai Khrushchev that proclaimed. "We will defeat them without firing a shot". Do we sit back and let his vision of our country come to fruition or NOT.....I hope you are all on the side of NOT. The alternative and the way to that alternative is not going to be a pleasant journey. If we do not listen to and learn from those people that have escaped those types of societies, we truly are "Systemically Stupid". Listen to the warnings of the Cubans, Venezuelans, North Koreans, Chinese, etc.. they see it happening here clear as day. I'm not going to go into the examples occurring in our country at this time but they are easy to find if you open ones eyes to look and/or listen to these people. It's hiding in plain sight and it shows up in the data/numbers of people that have a favorable view of Socialism in this country. It's a fairy tale, Utopian Dream, that sounds great (too good to be true) until you wake up and are told what you can or can not say, think, do, etc... then it's too late.......Now, get the jab or you can't leave your house and/or you'll be fired. Case Closed! Socialism Sucks and to pretend it can't happen here, which I also once thought and hoped, is naive. It has happened to other people that once also thought it could not or would not happen to them.....until it was too late. Socialism, Democrat Socialism, whatever flavor you want to call it, is easy to implement. It can be implemented with a simple vote. However, the painful exit from it can only be done with a gun.



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