2014 December 12

     My left-wing friends keep posting and promoting the message that things in America are going well under the last eight years of leadership in Washington, that Congress and the current President are doing a fine job.

     Go on, tell me how good it is in America in 2014.

     Economics: In the last eight years we have gone from ⅓ to ½ of our country on the dole. Factories are closing everywhere, people are stuck in minimum-wage jobs as careers, our increasing debt has been down-rated, and our once-world-leading economy is now in second place. Our ability to produce continues to decline and our standard of living is propped up by imports we can't pay for.

     Politics: We have massively-corrupt leadership elected through flagrant voter fraud bringing corruption unheard of before 2007 representing the party that supported Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler. Big contributors get big bailouts and big subsidies while the rest of us see big taxes and big government deficits.

     Race: Our country is more racially divided than ever with affirmative discrimination enforced by law at federal and state level of government while protesters burn down their own houses and sue for racism when the fire department doesn't come fast enough. We selected a dark-skinned president with a terrible record without ever finding out his name or background. Maybe even bigger than the newly enlarged white-black schism in America is the new, growing anti-semitism here. Europe has had a rising tide of hate for Jews since the turn of this century and now it's becoming a reality here.

     Social: Our news media vilify a company that doesn't pay for some birth-control medications. (They also don't pay for Internet pornography for their employees, shame on them.) Our once-well-intentioned protests have descended to the naked jealousy and bare envy of the Occupy movement whose only cause to protest is that 1% of the population is richer than the other 99%. The loss of freedom may be the biggest social change. People don't feel comfortable criticizing our government now that the standard reponse is, "you must be racist." In their post-2008-election show the Capitol Steps only mentioned Obama once in passing. They certainly didn't hold back for Clinton or Bush.

     Science: The pseudo-science movement that gave us eugenics, an impending ice age, global warming, and climate change, now completely debunked by any scientific principles, continues to build its power base running and destroying people's lives and eroding the credibility of our academic scientific community.

     Education: We continue to fall further and further behind Asian standards as our regulators continue to promote political correctness and federal standards over open discussion and innovative teaching. Subjugating truth and culture and science to revisionist history and well-chosen writers and government alchemy has "dumbed down" America more than the eugenics science the progressive left wing worried so much about.

     Balance of Trade: Fifty years ago we were net exporters of food, energy, and manufactured goods to the point where we dominated the world's supplies. I'm glad to see other countries becoming self-sufficient. I'm not happy to see my country living off of foreign aid in the form of a balance-of-trade deficit. The growing federal debt concerns me far less than the growing fraction of it owned by other countries where our dollar is not the primary currency.

     Energy: Increasing regulation has made my country dependent on people we shouldn't have to trust and stupid beyond our wildest dreams of fiction. Oil prices doubled and then came down some, but are still quite a bit higher than 2006. Cheap and plentiful fossil fuels and emerging nuclear-fission power make it truly possible for hunger and thirst to be only memories while a well-fed and well-hydrated world population looks for energy sources for the twenty-second century, but that isn't the way we're going.

     Health Care: America was the world's leader in health care as recently as ten years ago, and we know how to do it cheaply. Socialized-medicine countries relied on sending their really-sick people here to get the best care. Now they're going to India and Thailand for medicine, or using England's second-level, private health-care system as a backup.

     Foreign Policy: We're becoming the laughing stock of the world, fighting wars that aren't getting us anything, and not able to manufacture anything anymore. We're turning our back on our allies, espcially Israel, while we're supporting just about every despotic, genocidal, religious, racist regime we can find. We've gone from Europe-silly to Africa-silly. Worse, we've gone from Europe-corrupt to Africa-corrupt.

     2006 is looking awfully good right now.



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